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Sound Healing Sessions

Relax... Renew... Restore... Revive…Unplug

Using my 40 year collection of instruments, we will tune in to the earth frequency to ground and be nourished. You may hear a drum, rattles, crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, crystals and my voice. We may also use seasonal teas, flower essences and movement to activate the senses and clear energetic blockages.

In this practice I do not talk or fill your mind with words. Sound is all that is needed. The silence and the sound allow you to have your own experience. I adapt to the moment with you. In each one of us is a pure radiant light and at this time in the world we need now more than ever to unplug, fill ourselves with light, receive and make time for our personal growth and healing. I offer this work full of gratitude for the darkness and the light inside each one of us.




  • Personal Session One hour totally unplugged one on one session. $108
  • Session for Two Tune up and re-set together. One hour $225
  • Group Retreats, Corporate Retreats, Team Building Events
    10-15 people
  • Packages are available, the effects are cumulative.
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"I booked a sound healing session with Pia for a friend and I. We were both lying on massage tables, and Pia covered our eyes with silk eye pillows and placed crystals in our hands. Then we drifted away as Pia used her sound tools around us, beautiful sounds melting into us. Sometimes tuning forks tuned to magical frequencies, touching our bodies, vibrating softly, sometimes crystal bowls, and other mysterious, unusual tools to create soothing sounds that somehow were just right for us, grounding us, calming us, actually healing us. It is a beautiful, unique and magical experience to share with someone. We floated away with a whole new feeling of bliss!" —Barbara

I’ve had two sessions with Pia. The first was a group sounding session and the second was a personal session. Both were altering on a physical and emotional level and like nothing I’ve experienced in my many years. The group session was deep and felt multifaceted in healing/balancing our group consciousness. The personal session felt multidimensional and resonated balance in all levels of my being. It needs to be a healing modality accessible to everyone.

Pia brings what the world needs now: Profound healing in body, mind, and spirit. It’s the next level of healing we’ve been waiting for. —Adrienne

"I would highly recommend Pia as a sound healer. Pia has studied and perfected her practice to allow deep healing within each session. Besides her training she has integrity and is a very deep person who connects with spirit to bring in what the client is needing. I have had sessions with other people and I found Pia's the most in tune with me as well as receiving what I was needing." —Adora Deva

"The session was rejuvenating as well as relaxing. The healing tibetan bowls and the tuning forks were instrumental to the whole process. Very much looking forward to another session." —Rangjung Rigdzin

Pia is on the cutting edge of sound healing. She includes tuning forks resonating at various levels, her beautiful voice singing Tara mantra, and playing a powerful Tibetan bowl empowered with mantras. I have experienced both a private session and one in a group setting.

After a group session, everyone was able to release their tension from traveling and blend together to dance Sacred Tibetan based practices. Individually, all the tension seemed to melt out of my body.

My mind released stress and worry to receive an incredible holistic healing. It felt as if years were lifted off my shoulders and my face was glowing. I highly recommend a session with Pia. It could be the highlight of your week!" —Rev. Jacquelyn Sendak Zavaleta

About Pia


As a result of a severe injury that ended my career as a personal chef, I was forced to dedicate my time to my own self-healing journey. After many years of physical limitation and suffering, studying sound healing was the greatest gift that came from that difficult time.

A blessing sometimes comes in surprising ways and I offer the gift of nurturing you with sound and vibration.

My passion to share a one on one experience is for those who may be sensitive, those who need to protect their energy. I offer a space to relax and heal while letting your guard down.

Each session is tailored to your needs.

I offer this to you as a safe way to let go and allow the sound to move you in the way your body/mind needs. As an intuitive, I work with my beloved instruments and am guided to work with you in a personal way. Though I do have a format I have come up with, some sessions will call for changes while we are in process.

As a practitioner of chanting mantra and leading sacred dance circles, I know the next wave of healing is through sound, frequency, light and vibration.

Certified Sound Practitioner, Globe Institute.
Member Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.


Questions are welcomed. Come on down to this foggy beach town and make some time for your self-healing.

Pia Hagan, Certified Sound Practitioner
400 Old county road #9
Pacifica CA
‭(650) 451-2616‬

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May sound, light and vibration help us move through the next phase of our journey.